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Virginia Beach Winery

Local family owned winery with free wine tasting every Thursday to Sunday!
Come check us out this weekend!

Centrally located in the heart of Virginia Beach in the Covington & Associates building just off the corner of Princess Anne & Newtown Rd.

Our winery is super easy to get to since we're just off the 64 / 264 merge. We're also 1 block from the Newtown light rail stop, and there's even a bus stop on our side of the street for a very easy walk into our building!

We're excited to serve our great wine to Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads!

Come check out our free wine tasting events every week!

Tasting Room Hours:

  • Thursday & Friday: 4:30 - 8pm
  • Saturday: noon - 6pm
  • Sunday: noon - 4pm
Krampus Cranberry

You probably know the story of Christmas and Santa Claus, but do you know the story of the Krampus?

It is said that during the Christmas season, on the eve of December 5th, the terrifying horned beast known as the Krampus will visit homes and businesses.  He will sneak in the dark and appear out of the shadows to punish misbehaving children and naughty adults.

If however you offer the Krampus a tribute of...

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We're excited to announce the release of our new Red Zinfandel tonight! This wine was inspired by Maria's Great Grandmother ( or bisnonna in Italian ) Grazia ❤️ who used to make Zinfandel along with her son Joseph.
This delicious wine along with 6 others are available to taste this weekend ( while supplies last ):
- Red Zinfandel 🍷❤️ ( NEW Release! )
- Blackbeard's Barrel 🍷☠️ ( )
- Pinot Grigio 🥂
- Moscato 🥂
- Red Moscato 🍷
- Revolutionary Raspberry 💥🇬🇧️
- Spiced Apple 🍏
Stop by tonight and this weekend and try some delicious wine! 😍🍷🥂🍏 #freewinetasting #grazia #bisnonna #redzinfandel #winetasting #winery #blackbeard #blackbeardsbarrel #siplocal #vbwineryYarr, the legend be back. #freewinetasting #winetasting #blackbeard #blackbeardsbarrel #siplocal #vbwineryWe’re not afraid of a little rain 🌧☔️!
Free wine tasting starts in just under 2 hours.
Looking forward to seeing you tonight! 😍🍷🥂☔️🌧 #rainstoppingwine #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwineryHappy Thursday afternoon everyone!
We have 7 delicious wines to taste tonight, including Moscato 🥂 ( it’s back on the shelves! )
Here’s your list for the night! - Pinot Grigio 🥂
- Riesling 🥂
- Carménère 🍷 ( )
- Moscato 🥂 ( BACK IN STOCK! )
- Red Moscato 🍷
- Revolutionary Raspberry 💥🇬🇧
- Spiced Apple 🍏
Teachers don’t forget you get 10% off all purchases every Thursday night!
Looking forward to seeing you tonight and this weekend! ❤️🍷🥂🍏🏖️ #redmoscato #moscato #spicedapple #teacherthursdays #teacherdiscount #freewinetasting #winetasting #virginiabeach #siplocal #vbwineryLooking for a great gift for that special lady or friend in your life, or maybe you just want a cork purse for yourself that's bomb af?! Whatever the reason, it's the season to come check out our new stock of wine purses!
We'll see you tonight for free wine tasting! Doors open at 4:30pm! 🚪😍🥂🍏🏖️🍷 #bombaf #winepurses #itstheseason #dontneedareason #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwineryVB Halloween decorations on fleek 🎃👻 #aintafraid #noghost #staypuft #whoyagonnacall🍏🍏 Shhh... Don't tell. 🍏🍏 #spicedapple #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwineryHappy 1 Year Wineversary! Thanks for an awesome year!
We’re looking forward to seeing you all today! ❤️🍷🥂 #wineversary #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwinery #anniversary #supportlocal ( photo from our grand opening last year )Can you believe it’s been a year since we opened already?! Neither can we!
Thanks for making this last year awesome Virginia Beach, and all of Hampton Roads!
On Sunday, September 30th, here at the Virginia Beach Winery we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! We can’t wait to see you all here!
We’ll have free wine tasting as always, snacks, $200 in door prizes ( limit 1 entry per customer ), and a free anniversary edition wine glass with purchase. (limit 1 free glass per customer). Come out and celebrate our first awesome year here in the 757!
#oneyearanniversary #anniversary #freewinetasting #virginiabeach #siplocal #vbwineryAlright! We're planning to be open our normal hours tonight for free wine tasting from 4:30 to 8pm! Unless the weather takes a drastic turn, plan on us being open today!
We're excited to see you all! 😍🍷🥂When things were looking bad for our area we decided to fill our empty tanks with fresh tap water instead of wine this week just in case our neighbors needed it.
It doesn't look like anyone will end up needing it, but just in case, we have 120 gallons of fresh drinking water at the winery. If you run out of water this weekend and need some, bring a container to the winery and we'll fill it up for you.
Stay safe this weekend. ❤️ #wehavewater #neighbors #siplocal #vbwinery