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Virginia Beach Winery

Local family owned winery with free wine tasting every Friday to Sunday!
Come check us out this weekend!

Centrally located in the heart of Virginia Beach in the Covington & Associates building just off the corner of Princess Anne & Newtown Rd.

Our winery is super easy to get to since we're just off the 64 / 264 merge. We're also 1 block from the Newtown light rail stop, and there's even a bus stop on our side of the street for a very easy walk into our building!

We're excited to serve our great wine to Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads!

Come check out our free wine tasting events every week!

Tasting Room Hours:

  • Friday: 4:30 - 8pm
  • Saturday: noon - 6pm
  • Sunday: noon - 4pm
March 2019 tasting list

We have 8 wines to taste this week at our free wine tasting, including the return of Moscato 🥂 and our final run ( until next Christmas ) of Krampus Cranberry ( Read More ).

We're still doing a pick 6 from the tasting sheet, which means you get to pick 6 wines to try!

Stop by and see us this weekend and have some delicious wine! 😍🍷🥂


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We're back up to 8 wines to taste this week, including Moscato and our last run ( until next Christmas ) of Krampus Cranberry!
We also have some Riesling and Merlot for sale on the shelf.
Doors open tonight at 4:30pm! Come have a taste and start your weekend off with some fun! ❤️🍷🥂🏖 #freewinetasting #winetasting #virginiabeach #winery #vbwinery #siplocalSome favorites back on the shelves! #winetasting #siplocal #shoplocal #virginiabeachFun rainy day at the winery!Yarr, the Pirate Blend 🏴‍☠️☠️🍷 be back tonight!
#freewinetasting #winetasting #piratewine #redwine #pirateblend #siplocal #vbwineryHappy Valentine’s Day! We hope you all have a wonderful evening! ❤️🍷🥂❤️ What’s everyone up to tonight?! #valentinesday #hearts #kisses #wineCoastal Cherry 🍒 is back in the spotlight baby! #freewinetasting #winetasting #cherrybaby #cherrywine #siplocal #vbwineryWe have 8 wines to taste this weekend, including this delicious sweet trio!
Here's the list:
- Hampton Roads Red Merlot 🍷
- Riesling 🥂
- Chardonnay 🥂
- Beach Blackberry 🍷🏖
- Revolutionary Raspberry 🇬🇧💥
- Winter Blues 🍇🥶
- Son of a Peach 🥂🍑
- Coastal Cherry 🍒
Doors open at noon today. 😍🍷🥂🏖
#freewinetasting #winetasting #sweettrio #peachwine #cherrywine #raspberrywine #blackberrywineWinery shenanigans! Thanks to these awesome ladies for this sweet boomerang!We want to make sure you always walk away with a product you love and a smile on your face. That's why we offer free wine tasting every weekend. ❤️ We have 11 wines to taste this weekend, and we can't wait to see you! Doors open at 4:30pm. 😍🍷🥂🏖All these dark cool nights got you down after the Holidays have passed?! Maybe you even have the "Winter Blues"? Well then stop by the Virginia Beach Winery this weekend for our “Winter Blues" blueberry wine and brighten your spirits!
We can't control the weather, but we can give you some darn good wine to weather it. 🤔🍷🥂🎅 #winterblues #blueberrywine #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwineryNobody puts Carménère in the corner! #redwines #freewinetasting #winetasting #siplocal #vbwinery