March 2019 tasting list

We have 8 wines to taste this week at our free wine tasting, including the return of Moscato 🥂 and our final run ( until next Christmas ) of Krampus Cranberry ( Read More ).

We're still doing a pick 6 from the tasting sheet, which means you get to pick 6 wines to try!

Stop by and see us this weekend and have some delicious wine! 😍🍷🥂


Free wine tasting

We have an awesome lineup again this weekend!

Lips by Stephanie will being joining us tonight ( Friday, June 29th ) with her beautiful LipSense products, and Saturday ( June, 30th ) we'll have Tierra's Jewelry Box with some beautiful Paparazzi jewelry AND free cake samples brought to you by Nothing Bundt Cakes!  What an awesome weekend!

Doors open tonight ( Friday, June 29th ) at 4:30pm, and this Saturday & Sunday at noon!  Come stock up for Independence Day!

Sign up for our events on Facebook here ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/vbwinery/events/ ) or just stop by!

Read more to see what we have for tasting this weekend...

Free wine tasting and popcorn samples.

We have some great vendors including FREE Popcorn samples this Saturday, and we're excited to see you at the Winery!

Free wine tasting starts at noon!  Show up any time from noon - 6pm and try some wine and popcorn!

List of vendors: 

Sign up for our events on Facebook here ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/vbwinery/events/ ) or just stop by!

Read more to see what we have for tasting this weekend...

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