This weekend at the winery!

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 11:44am
Free wine tasting

We have an awesome lineup again this weekend!

Lips by Stephanie will being joining us tonight ( Friday, June 29th ) with her beautiful LipSense products, and Saturday ( June, 30th ) we'll have Tierra's Jewelry Box with some beautiful Paparazzi jewelry AND free cake samples brought to you by Nothing Bundt Cakes!  What an awesome weekend!

Doors open tonight ( Friday, June 29th ) at 4:30pm, and this Saturday & Sunday at noon!  Come stock up for Independence Day!

Sign up for our events on Facebook here ( ) or just stop by!

We have 5 wines to taste this week and you can taste them all!

  • Carmenere 🍷- Read More
  • Pirate Blend 🍷☠
  • Beach Blackberry 🏖️
  • Revolutionary Raspberry ( IT'S BACK! )
  • Surfside Strawberry ( NEW! ) 🍓

Don't forget if you're looking for Son of a Peach or Pinot Grigio, the KOA Kampgrounds in Virginia Beach may have some left!  Check them out!

We'll see you soon! ☀️🏖❤️🍷🥂🍓🍓

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