Tasting this weekend ( May 10 to May 13 )

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 17:27pm
Happy Mother's Day!

Tasting this weekend

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, National Nurses Week, and Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!  Thank you to all the teachers, nurses, and moms out there!

Teachers and Nurses get 10% off at the winery from Thursday - Saturday this week, and all moms get 10% off on Sunday!

As always, wine tasting is free, so stop by and have a taste!

Tasting hours: 

We have 7 wines to taste this week and you can taste them all!

  • Carménère ? - Read More
  • Merlot ( it's back! ) ?
  • Red Moscato ? ( this is a delicious semi-sweet moscato with a slight hint of dry to it )!
  • Moscato ? is back!
  • Beach Blackberry ?
  • Revolutionary Raspberry ???
  • S️️on of a Peach ??

See you all at the Virginia Beach Winery for free wine tasting this weekend! ☀️?❤️??