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Tasting this weekend

It's college beach week in Virginia Beach and I bet you could use some wine right about now!

As always, wine tasting is free, so stop by and have a taste!

Tasting hours: 

Here’s what we’ll have for tasting this weekend:

  • Carménère ? - Read More
  • Blackbeard's Barrel ?☠️ - Read More
  • Red Moscato ? ( this is a delicious semi-sweet moscato with a slight hint of dry to it )!
  • Beach Blackberry ?
  • Revolutionary Raspberry ???️️

We also have about 8 bottles left of our new Pirate Blend ( Our brand new Carménère / Merlot blend! ) ?☠️, however we won't be doing any tastings on this one.

See you all at the Virginia Beach Winery for free wine tasting this weekend! ☀️?❤️??


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